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Wengo Information Services - Small Business and the Internet

Small Business and the Internet

The Internet is the future of media. More and more companies are securing their place on the web. The wonderful thing about having your custom creation on the Internet will be your ability to attract a large volume of potential customers, from anywhere in the world, for your business at a very reasonable price.

A web site is YOUR company identity on the Internet; the impression it conveys holds the visitor’s attention and makes them come back over and over again. At Wengo we create visually pleasing web sites that serve as a successful advertising tool.

We will help you select the appropriate target market for your industry and get your company listed on the most important search engines for maximum traffic and exposure. We can assist you and your company in setting up the capability to accept credit cards, cheques and debit cards over the Internet.

How can a small business compete?

Just because you own a small business doesn't mean you can't find your place on the Internet. In fact, the web is probably one of the best places for small business to be, as it gives you the chance to compete in the same arena as many of your larger competitors. All you need is a quality design for your web site and your business can have the same chance for success.

Building web sites for small businesses has always been important to us. When we started our web design department one of our main purposes was to help small business owners grow and expand their business.

The Internet is the great equalizer. Because with the right design it's possible to create a site that is more appealing than your larger competition. It's bizarre how often you encounter large companies that have paid little or no attention to their presence on the Internet. We've seen some pretty awful sites attached to some pretty big companies! If first impressions count and they generally do, then it's important to make sure that you portray the best possible image you can.
The Internet is still a level playing field and not dominated by companies with large marketing budgets. With a good product and a well-built store the little guy still has a chance to compete. It must be designed well and it's important that it looks professional, is easy to navigate and can be found. Think about your own experiences on the Internet.

What attracts you? What doesn't? It's very likely the products of the sites you like and the those you don't like are both of the same quality - but aren't you more likely to buy from the person who has arranged their pages to be more attractive and easier to navigate and simple to use?

We build with the same high quality whether it's being created for a multinational company or an up and coming smaller company like yours. And we'll always keep that same vision, if you succeed, we succeed!

If you have a growing company and are interested in expanding into the Internet you should consider contacting us to discuss your options. We will work with you to find the most economical path to take without sacrificing quality.

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