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Wengo Information Services - Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

image of a cogThis service, is mainly aimed at the smaller business with limited or no I.T. development capability, but can be offered to all Clients. It must be stressed that we do not “re-invent the wheel” so if a solution can be provided by a software package, such as Quickbook®, then we will recommend this approach. 

The tool that we use for this service is based upon the Xbase® development language which is similar to Dbase®, Clipper® and Foxpro®. The result is a fully Windows compatible solution and by using this tool it is possible to use any of the compatible report generation tools such as Crystal Reports®. Whilst reports can be built directly by our developers this option is labour intensive (so costly) and we advise that it is only used sparingly.

Clearly the Wengo developers are not experts in the business so there will always be a need for significant Client involvement to deliver a viable solution. This could, depending upon complexity of the development, require considerable investment of time. The stages, and involvement, in this process are as follows:

Activity Client Wengo
Review and define requirements X X
Produce Requirements Definition   X
Review and agree Requirements Definition X X
Carry out initial development and testing (including documentation)   X
Review initial development and agree changes and/or enhancements 1 X X
Produce updated Requirements Definition (if changes/enhancements)   X
Review and agree finalised Requirements Definition (if changes/ enhancements) X X
Complete development and testing (including documentation)   X
Carry out Client Acceptance Testing 2 X X
Sign off Development X  
Install software 3 X X

1.      This stage and the subsequent updating and review of the Requirements Definition could well require a number of iterations to achieve finalisation. Obviously any additions or enhancements that are requested  may, after review, be subject to an additional charge.

2.     Whilst we will only deliver what we believe is a fully working product it is essential that the Client tests it  for themselves and ensures that they are fully satisfied. If any faults are found then the Developer will make the necessary corrections as a matter of course.

3.      We will install the software and ensure that designated users are given proper training in it’s use.

While every effort will be made to ensure the integrity and operational soundness of the solution inevitably until it has been fully exercised over the complete processing cycle programming errors may arise. During this period such faults will be corrected free of charge. However requests for additional training and/or general User Support will be charged either on a Time & Materials basis or covered by Support Contract.