Programme and Project Management

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The fundamentals of proper Project and Programme Management are primarily focus then structure plus firm control of budgets and resources. Almost every company accepts this but many try to source these roles inappropriately by using a key member of their own company (who has other time consuming and essential duties to perform) or from the supplier (where the interests of their own company inevitably take priority). In both cases the risks of failure or overrun in costs and timescale are increased due to conflicting interests.

The service that Wengo offer is that of a focused representative of the Client and their interests. To meet this we will carry out, amongst many others, the following key activities on behalf of the business:

  •     Assist with setting the scope and content of the delivery.
  •     Plan development plus ongoing maintenance.
  •     Advise (if required) during supplier selection and contract negotiations.
  •     Liaison with key stakeholders.
  •     Maintain budgetary control and financial records.
  •     Assignment, deployment and management of all resources.
  •     Supplier and other Third-Party co-ordination plus management.
  •     The employment of formal documentation and delivery standards
  •     Overall management through to delivery.
  •     Regular formal, and informal, reporting to management.
  •     Check that scope is maintained consistent with business approvals.
  •     Ensure all business decisions are realised and implemented.
  •     Assessment plus management of all risks and issues.
  •     Change Management including identification of any related issues/risks
  •     Quality Management.
  •     Advise and assist on any Service Level Agreement definitions.