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Wengo Information Services - I.T. Reviews and Standards

I.T. Reviews and Standards

This service is mainly of use to the medium to large client with a number of I.T. development and support staff. Although it can, in a reduced form, also offer benefits to the company with only a few I.T. resources – especially if those people are responsible for supporting systems that are critical to the day to day operation of the business.

Our I.T. Reviews and standards assignments are based upon the simple rule of ensuring that the best structures and operational approaches are put in place to meet the needs of the business as a whole. At the same time the recommendations must not without overburden the I.T. department with pointless, time wasting, bureaucratic procedures.

Most members of the I.T. department are both conscientious and hard-working focusing all their efforts on the day to day business support activities for the company. As a result they rarely take a step back and look at what they are doing to reassess whether this really gives the most effective possible service to the company.

Like every other part of the business it is essential to review both the structures and activities to see if they still adequately meet the needs of the overall business in it’s current form. In addition to this it is essential that a formal methodology be put in place that enables I.T. and business management to have the comfort that they are in overall control of the departments activities. However this methodology must also not hinder the members of the I.T. team themselves from carrying out their duties by placing an additional burden on them for no actual benefit.

I.T. Reviews

It is not possible to come up with a single standard approach to this process as each business is structured differently with it’s own very specific needs and goals. However in broad terms these reviews cover the following:

- Relevance of systems, and associated business processes, to business needs.

- Control and management of changes to the I.T. solutions and business processes.

- Management and reporting structures.

- Effectiveness, and relevance, of any Standards that are in place.


Once again the very specific nature of each business has to be taken into account although main emphasis is on the development/enhancement of standards in the following critical areas:

- Developments procedures and Package Selection

- Change and Fault Management.

- Business Process and I.T. Solutions Documentation.

- Business support processes and procedures

- The definition of specific roles and responsibilities.