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Wengo Information Services - Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering

Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering

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This is a service that can be of significant benefit irrespective of the size of a Client or their level of I.T. dependency and investment.

Business Processes and Procedures are frequently the “Cinderella” of a company even though absolutely essential as no company can survive without business processes and procedures. Unfortunately these have usually evolved over the years either by tradition (i.e. word of mouth between the people doing the job) or to meet the needs of existing computer systems.  This is rather than being developed, and then evolving, to meet the way the business needs to operate more effectively.

Many companies make the (costly) mistake of trying to overcome problems with their business processes by implementing a new IT system…..inevitably this results in existing inefficiencies and failures just being transferred into the new operation. In reality a company should not just examine it’s existing procedures but look to how it needs to operate in the future before even considering any such investment.

Even worse some, if not all, of the processes have never been formally identified, let alone documented, so companies frequently depend upon:

  • User Operating Instructions for the computer systems - these tell you how to get information into the computer not how the process works within the business, when or why it is done.

  • The specific working knowledge of individual employees - hence leaving the company vulnerable when those employees are either absent or leave the business completely.

In addition to this businesses grow and the ways of working naturally evolve to meet the changes in the structure and operation of the company plus those of the market-place. As a result what may have been capable of meeting the previous needs could well now be hindering, if not actually preventing, the profitable operation of the business as a whole.
When all these factors are taken into consideration, along with the greater emphasis by all companies on administrative economies, then the service offered by Wengo in this area can achieve significant benefits to any business.

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