Wengo offer many services to both the large and small company markets.

image of a handshake against a blue skySome are directly aimed at the smaller business who know that they need to do something specific within their business but keep putting it off due to:

  • A lack of available time from their own resources who are busy with their own day to day tasks.
  • The need to make use, for a short time only, of skills and expertise that they do not have within the business.
  • Fear that the costs of hiring in the expertise will far outweigh the benefits that they expect to achieve.

Over the years Wengo have gained considerable experience of working with businesses of all sizes. We fully understand that the scale of the actual investment, in financial and resource terms, varies considerably between the large multi-national and the small to medium enterprise. However a total investment of £1,000 by one company is directly equivalent, in real terms, to one of millions by another. Irrespective of it's size a company always has to look to achieving a good Return on Investment and Value for Money.