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Wengo Information Services Ltd are the UK business partners of EasternGraphics GmbH supporting their pCon® product range, based on the OFML standard. Using modern 3D technology and description languages the process and planning intelligence of the user are embedded directly into the software, even the most complex internal business processes are optimized.

Among the features of these products are:

  • Creation of commercial and graphic product data, in the OMFL format, allowing configuration to exactly reflect your product lines and options. 
  • Distribution of product data directly to your Dealers, Sales force, internal users and Key Accounts either by CD-ROM or over the internet.
  • A range of easy to use tools enabling the delivery of full space planning, product selection and customer specific configuration plus professional, high quality customer focused documentation.
  • Seamless integration with existing operational/ERP and CAD software allowing their incorporation into your existing business processes and ICT infrastructure.

Below is a brief introduction to the pCon® product range:

pCon Planner screenshotpCon.planner

Empower your sales force by giving them the tool to create high quality 2D and 3D graphical space plans while saving them time, and the possibility of expensive oversights, by producing quotations directly from the generated plan.

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pCon Basket screenshot


Enhance the effectiveness of your entire sales process. Simplify communication between your Representative/Dealer and Sales Support Team. pCon.basket is a fast, secure and target-oriented electronic catalogue, price list and article list all in one. The ideal tool to create and structure extensive article information.

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pCon Xcad screenshotpCon.xcad

pCon.xcad integrates your product catalogue with AutoCAD ®, accelerating the process from planning to quotation. Increase the clarity of even the largest plans by synchronising graphical representations with your commercial data, even when customised articles are included.

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pCon .configurator screenshot


Ensure your customers specifications are met and their requirements are deliverable. Process complex product configurations, accurately and consistently, as well as seamlessly integrating into your existing software environment. pCon.Configurator creates the synergy between your sales and order processing activities significantly streamlining your companies entire process chain.

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pCon Creator screenshot


Everything you need to create and maintain your commercial and product data. Improve your efficiency by managing and synchronising your data into a single, consistent data pool.

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EGR Dataserver

Instantly activate products over the internet and rest easy knowing your sales force is always working from the most up to date information. Lower the cost of installation and support whilst reacting to market changes immediately. Using EGR Dataserver you can distribute your product data in an efficient, secure and inexpensive way from a centralised location.

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View the product flyer  (html)

If you require more information or would like to arrange a demonstration please use  the contact page.

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