How we are different

We do not take over – we complement a company’s existing business skills. This means the ultimate control always remains with the Client themselves.

Not having the large number of human resources (or fee rates!) of many of the bigger organisations we do not always have some of the more specific skills directly available in house. To overcome this we have developed a strategy of building business partnerships with other companies who share our Client Service philosophies. As a result of this (plus not having large prestigious office locations) we do not have a lot of expensive resources either sitting in the office just waiting for the right assignment, or billing opportunity, to arise.

rolling back the sleevesA further difference is our willingness to take on assignments for small businesses as well as the large multi-nationals. We offer “another pair of hands” and additional expertise that is only needed for a specific task or a short length of time. A task may be extremely important but key members of a company still have to carry out their normal duties so they cannot totally focus their efforts on what is needed for the future. We have the flexibility to help when it is productive – not just be there, and charging, to do nothing.

We feel nobody is too large or small to benefit from our services. It is always worthwhile to contact us and discuss what you want as:

  •  at worst we will be unable to help you (we WILL tell you if this is the case)
  • or you may feel the costs would be too high.

on the other hand you could well find that assistance is available at a price you can afford and to a timescale that meets your requirements.

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