About Wengo

antique computerWengo Information Services Ltd was formed in 1986 by Godfrey Buzzard after 20 years in the I.T. industry. Just prior to this he was the General Manager for I.T. and business process development of an international Accountancy and Management Consulting firm.

Initially assignments were solely in the United Kingdom offering Project Management and Business Process Analysis services. Since then we have grown significantly both in the breadth of services we provide as well as the countries in which we offer them (see our Home Page). In 1999 we took on our first foreign assignment on behalf of one of the major city administrations in the United States of America and since then we have carried out further assignments both there and in Europe.

In 2006 Wengo expanded it’s services yet again by, after two years of direct involvement with them, becoming the U.K. business partner of the German company Eastern Graphics.

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