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Wengo Information Services Ltd has been in business since 1986 successfully offering practical, business oriented ICT based solutions to clients located in the United Kingdom, Europe and the U.S.A

Web Hosting

We provide a diverse range of linux hosting plans that will cover the requirements of most individuals and businesses and are fully customisable, in size and features, so you do not pay for what you do not need while keeping the features you do. We only use the latest Dual Xeon Dell or Dual AMD Opteron servers located in a state-of-the-art data centre in the UK, so you can be assured of their reliability. Click here to learn more.

Web Design

Wengo offer the full package you need to make your website a success. From web design to front-end development, back-end development and search engine optimisation. Whether you need a one page "business card" style web site, or a fully-featured e-commerce web site to sell your products online, at Wengo we pride ourselves in designing and delivering cost-effective tailored web sites at an attractive price.

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